Monday, November 17, 2008

Royal Winter Fair '08 Drawings!

One page of sketches and another of colour studies for a life drawing assignment. I love going to the Royal Winter Fair. Maybe it's my hick-town roots, but the animals, the displays, the smells (yeah, even the barnyard one) and the farmers in general all remind me of home. It's pretty awesome to see people so passionate about their animals, from painting horse toenails all the way to cow groomers. Overall this year was pretty fun, I have never drawn people at the food court before so that was an interesting cross section of country mouse/city mouse. I also brought along the new pastels which has become the new big thing in life drawing this year. I'm really starting to like them now, there's a certain depth they bring to drawings that really helps show the form of the figure. About the drawings, the sketch of the lady on the first page(with the mushroom shaped hair) is a personal favourite of the day. I'm sure she was on to me while I was drawing it too. So funny.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Old paintings brought back from the dead!

I realized I never posted the coloured version of this western scene so here it is

'ello govena

Found these on a lovely stroll of the internet.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

World Literature Assignment

So this is my take on Charles Dicken's 'A Cristmas Carol', more specifically on the character of Bob Cratchit since that is who I have to present about. After I finished this I had the strange urge to sit by a fireplace and read. I also want to write/draw with a quill pen because those things look classy. Even if the outcome is pure crap, it was done with a freaking bird feather. lol But method wise, I put some thought into placement and colour for this picture because I need something to say for 10 mintes. Such as, I tried to make Cratchit round and coloured in warm tones to contrast Scrooge with his dark blues and Mr. Burns-like frame. He could destroy someone with those elbows...