Friday, January 25, 2008

Needs more cowbell... or tumbleweed

A digital painting for my western themed story assignment, eventually it's going to be in colour for my exterior painting class, man i love overlapping assignments

Paintings and random stuff

The first painting and the following larger versions are from the first year master copy project. The orignal is by titled 'Terrorsel' by the amazing artist Joy Ang. You can check out the original on her site

Leny, a chameleon character from first year

POST--- the First. Better late than never but still served fresh daily!

OK, so I've finally done it.
After months of just surfing through everyone Else's artwork on their awesome pretty blogs and seeing all the projects from class up there I've decided to join the herd and stop being such a damn closet animation student. Technically I've had this blog for a while... I just have never actually posted anything. Yeah, i guess that doesn't count. Warning: there's going to be a bunch of last year's stuff and i may regret posting it later...
So as a newbie to blogging I'm actually kinda excited, perhaps enough to post on a regular basis which I've noted is not a regular thing people seem to do on this thing...annoying, but I'm sure like a bad cold I'll catch it eventually. Everybody gets theirs in the end.