Friday, October 9, 2009

The beginning of 4th year LD

The beginning of LD has been pretty fun so far, i'm actually at a stage when going to life drawing is a fun event and I really want to go to as many extra classes through the semester as I can. I think the costumes play a big part in the fun these days and the double model set up means there's a lot more focus on composition. I've never used pen in life drawing class before so the experience was all new to me.

life drawings from the past's been months since my last post, there's no solid reason for this other than the fact I don't have a scanner and the tones on these camera pictures bother me. Since this in fact my last year of animation I am going to put my best effort into posting the art from my short film (none of that yet..but soon) and weekly life drawings because that's what all the cool cats seem to do.

These life drawings are actually from 3rd year's final portfolio and a couple extras of faces I thought were interesting enough to share.